Our Programmes

Using extensive experience in Professional Sport, Elite Military and Psychology we have built a series of work-shops and events that we use to further support our clients Happiness, Performance and Resilience. We aim to challenge, be challenged and have fun doing it!


What is resilience? How do we build and improve it? The learning journey is full of bumps in the road. During this programme we help you build your shield to ride those moments for the best possible outcome.


Here we explore the virtues of various different cultures. Is there a place for a ‘win at all costs’ environment? What impact can a culture have and how can you create one to get the best out of your business and those around you?

Team Dynamics

What makes a great team? We explore the virtues of differing personality types and how the energies of each individual can be focussed for a common goal.


Are you going through a period of change? What concerns do you have and how are these feelings affecting your work/life balance? Through the process of goal-setting and managing yourself though this process we can support this change to give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Flex Leadership

Do you subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ process when it comes to leadership or do you believe that you can remain authentic whilst flexing your way up and down the Leadership spectrum depending on the needs of your environment? We help you discover your preferred style and suggest ways in which you can flex, whilst being authentic at the same time.

Mentoring & Self Awareness

How well do you know yourself? How are you at giving and receiving feedback? We help you improve your self-regulation, management of relationships and support you in becoming more self-aware and confident.

TMW Development was founded in order to support Teams and Individuals to be the best they can be.

With input from Professional Sport, Psychology and Elite Military we believe we will improve the Productivity and Enjoyment of everyone we work with.

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